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    I bought a S9+ about a month ago which had some weird electrical noises when making calls (you could hear some buzzing noises and sometimes the other person on the call would lose some words during the conversation).

    Aside from that problem, the phone was really performing well and the display was bright and vivid.

    I returned the phone and picked a new S9+ which fixed the conversation problem. That new phone performs as good if not better (perfectly fluid and 264k on Antutu).

    The display though seems dimmer overall. Could be my eye though that got used to the display (I was coming from a S5 Neo when I got the first malfunctionning S9+ so the change was quite drastic).

    Are all S9/S9+ displays supposed to be equal? I've been reading comments and reviews everywhere in the like of "it's so bright it blinds me". Well, aside from pushing max brightness in total dark which is a bit uncomfortable, the display is not that bright to blind me

    Under indoor working light, I'm at about 50% brightness. Under direct sunlight, auto brightness pushes to max and I can see whites/text/colors but it's not that vivid and bright.

    Like I'm saying, it could really be my impressions that are wrong but I'd be interested to hear about your experiences so I can get an idea if my display is performing well. If you have some test suggestions too I'd be glad to try them.

    Thank you in advance
    06-01-2018 02:07 PM
  2. Merranza's Avatar
    Bump... situation hasn't really improved
    07-21-2018 11:27 AM

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