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    I have bought a couple of magnetic wireless chargers for my cars. I am trying to find out exactly where about on the phone the charge coil is, as I need to position a thin steel ring in the correct place so that it holds the phone to the car without interfering with the charging procedure.

    I have tried slowly moving the phone up & down for the best results, but it's very hit & miss and would appreciate an exact point (if it is known)

    Thank you.
    08-22-2018 01:39 AM
  2. bbgpsuser's Avatar
    If it is the same as the S9+, it is near the middle of the device biased toward the finger print sensor a little.

    I would be very interested to hear if you have success using a magnetic mount AND wireless charging at the same time.
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    08-22-2018 08:48 AM

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