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    Hi all!

    Good forum, learned a lot from it, but this is the thing I have not found the answer for. I have an S9, along the key customization apps I use: Nova, Automate and Routines (as part of the Good Lock pack).

    Over the last few days I noticed that whenever the whone lays down locked for longer (trying to figure out how long exactly) it falls into some sort of ubersleep mode and it does not wake with a simple fingerprint scan anymore. I need to wake it up with power button.

    But when I do open it with power button the phone is unlocked! It just opens the main screen omitting the lock screen totally. And yes, it locks normally when I only leave the phone inactive for a short time.

    Anybody had the same issue? I wonder if it is not one of those customisation apps that I use, but could not find the culprit as of yet.
    08-31-2018 04:13 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Does the trouble persist in Safe Mode?
    08-31-2018 07:39 AM
  3. tomek krakowski's Avatar
    Hi belodion! I am trying this now, will see the results. I uninstalled and installed a new version of Good Lock, setup the locking immediately after switching of the screen (some people had it default to say 10 minutes and that caused the no-lock problem), deleted Automate and its permissions just in case, turned off the gestures on the fingerprint sensor and still nothing. It mostly works fine (and the sensor certainly works ok hardwarewise as I use it constantly to pay for stuff and log in to apps), but sometimes after locking the screen and e.g. putting the phone in my pocket (yeah, I have the body-unlock option off) the fingerprint does not wake it and after clicking the switch button on - it turns on the screen already unlocked (not even swipe is needed). Do you think if the problem persists the factory reset might help? Apart from this the phone is brilliant.
    09-15-2018 10:54 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome as a new member.

    I’ll move the thread to the S9 forum for comments from users.
    09-15-2018 03:31 PM
  5. Jimmy Le1's Avatar
    Why do you need good lock app ?
    Uninstall it .. soft reset ..
    See if it goes back to normal ..
    09-15-2018 09:13 PM
  6. tomek krakowski's Avatar
    Thank you belodion.

    Jimmy Le1 - Good Lock has quite a lot of cool functions, especially the Routines, which allows i.a. to have the phone unlocked at specific locations (the Google setting that famously does not work) or connected to specific wi-fi or to set to rotate the screen only in specific apps and many more. Also the One Hand Operation which is basically the gestures, quite helpful if you do not want to constantly reach the bottom of the phone. And some other UI customization options.

    For now I have uninstalled Nova Launcher ( ) and this seems to be working as I didn't have the problem for over 24 hours (normally the problem occurs every few hours). We'll see it this lasts.
    09-17-2018 02:15 PM
  7. tomek krakowski's Avatar
    Quick update: seems that it wasn't Nova cousing the troubles (I have re-installed it after 2 day - nothing beats this launcher, had to come back) - seems like all is fine after I have deleted the AccuBattery app. Pity as it is a nice app summarizing battery usage in all details.

    EDIT: and it's back to the problem, so I guess it might still actually be Nova or maybe Good Lock.

    EDIT2: After doing a factory reset it seems it is Good Lock's Routines that causes the problem. I live in Europe, where Good Lock packet is not even officially released in the Google or Samsung Stores so I use a website-downloaded APK. Maybe that is the cause... over the last few days of testing it seems that QuickStar, One Hand Operation gestures and LockStar work normally but only when I install the Routines it starts having the problem with proper and stable locking.
    09-18-2018 03:11 PM
  8. tomek krakowski's Avatar
    Sorry for three posts one after another, feel free to merge them - I believe that the information I am sharing might be useful for quite a few people.

    Now officially after testing: the Routines app as part fo Good Lock 2018 causes the malfunctioning of the fingerprint sensor and makes the phone not always lock properly. Hope that if Samsung releases it officially for the other than Korea/US markets it's gonna work well as it is very useful. All the other sub-apps of Good Lock work well.

    Cheers from Kraków
    09-30-2018 05:25 PM
  9. 103Softail's Avatar
    I'm not at all surprised it's good lock 2018...I found it too buggy too on note 8.
    09-30-2018 05:33 PM

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