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    At the moment when attempting to create a new text message when using the Facebook Messenger, when you click on the blue circle with a quote bubble inside it will bring you to the next screen where you are asked to "Type a name or group." Here you can also search phone numbers that you would like to text so I searched a local number (206)327-35**. The number is working and I was able to call them, but the list of options to text is blank. Normally the option to click on the phone number would be there to text the number directly, but it was not. I am also still able to message profiles who have a Facebook. So, perhaps I thought the issue was Messenger, and I went to try the default factory Messaging application (Messages), and same as Messenger, click the blue circle with an air quote inside at the bottom right, and the application recognizes a tap on the icon (it will change colors to a darker blue when tapping on), but that's all it will do.

    As, I write this when using the default messages application, if I go to text a number already in my phone, it will pull up the next screen to text, but when clicking on any buttons like the text box, add additional content button, or record audio; nothing is working.

    Any help will be appreciated. For further details please ask. If I do not get this resolved by tonight I will try and record a video with another phone of what is happening. Till then, ideas ?

    Android version: 8.0.0
    Samsung Experience version: 9.0
    12-02-2018 10:52 AM

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