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    Just a few days ago I received the notification for the upgrade to Android PIE on my S9+ and now, after this "post-upgrade" short time, I think I found 2 bugs/issues:

    - if earphones are connected, notification sounds are heard only through them and not also from the speaker (is there a setting for it? I didn't find it), with Oreo it worked

    - google sync is not working if AOD is active or the phone is in stand-by with the screen turned off, I deleted and then reconfigured google accounts (2 of them): at first it worked (I was on my home wifi) but today on a different wifi network (office) it didn't sync even if it worked with Oreo on the same network.
    If I activate the screen, google mail starts receiveing messages.
    Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS still work.
    Did someone else find the same issues?

    12-28-2018 02:41 AM
  2. washburn_it's Avatar
    I proceeded with a reset of the phone but nothing changed.
    Then I think that notification sound issue is really a bug (unless there is an option hidden somewhere !).
    As for the google sync issue I found that it was due to the "app optimization", then I made these steps:
    - settings
    - apps
    - click on the "3 points" button on the upper right corner and choose "special access" (or something similar, I have a not english localization)
    - optimize battery (or something similar, like above)
    - from the drop down list choose "All apps"
    - scroll down and look for GMail
    - disable the "switch"

    I tried to send a mail to my gmail account and after a few seconds I've got the notification of a new message.
    I hope it may be useful to help.

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    12-29-2018 07:23 PM

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