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    Accidentally hit the delete all on my texts. This is on a S9 on VZW, got the phone 12 weeks ago. Went to my vzw cloud, found they have changed it so it only backs up your contacts, texts cost. You used to get 1G free of anything that was on your phone. Not anymore.

    Googled how to get texts back, mostly ads for apps that install on the computer, attach your phone to, then scan the phone. Phone must be in USB debugging mode.

    Tried one, phonepaw, couldn't work because it had to root phone, that didn't work, it said it can't root att/vzw phones! It found the 1 text I got after I deleted the messages.

    Hope someone can give me some ways to get texts back. And for those reading, VZW is no longer backing up your texts unless you pay.
    03-29-2019 10:00 AM

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