1. Member691's Avatar
    My s9 changes settings when I use the telephone. I'm sure my cheekbone is causing the changes. Is there a screen lock setting to eliminate this issue?
    04-25-2019 06:26 PM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    The screen should go off automatically when you bring the phone up to your face. All phones do that. The settings should not be affected.

    What settings are changing?
    04-25-2019 06:55 PM
  3. krisqz's Avatar
    I concur. It's happening more often one Pie for me too. Just tested it by calling my voice mail. The screen goes off properly when I obscure the sensor but if I just slightly touch and move my finger or cheek on the screen while doing so, notification shade opens up in the background. I think it's a bug. It's way too sensitive.
    04-26-2019 01:19 PM
  4. Member691's Avatar
    Sometimes while talking the screen lights up and CONTACTS screen appears. Sometimes SETTINGS appears, several times that ridiculous BIXBY screen is turned on. I have found some of my settings changed as well. My old s6 always locked while talking.
    Am I missing a setting somewhere?
    04-27-2019 10:35 PM

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