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    Hi there, I have a new Samsung Galaxy S10+, an old broken S9 and an ex partner with another S9 of mine. When setting up the S10 I decided to use a new Samsung account and Google Account. I Smart Switched a bare minimum over from my S9, contacts, apps and background basically. All of my apps were downloaded using my gmail account but my Find my Phone and Find my Android had both S9's logged into a Hotmail account on a tab on Chrome, my S9 however wasn't using the hotmail account on play store, only hers. When setting up the S10+ I never used the find my phone app or page and never signed it in on first start up. But at the same time she got a "device found" notification, and it has just kept popping up whenever she moves around. But I never got the notification on my side. We have since logged in to try turn off on both accounts and can't find it what's tracking it. So we deleted the accounts and shes now on her own ones and I'm on my own ones. But the notifications haven't stopped. The 2 seem linked but we don't know how and can't turn it off. So we need some help.

    By the way we both get along well and she knows I'm not tracking her, the notifications are just annoying. Also since we're both not too great with Tech we just want to make sure she's not actually being tracked.

    -Unsure if it's related but an apple account also started using the email associated with the tracking account at the same time (or about 2 hours later). I've never used apple products so it seems like wierd timing too
    07-11-2019 10:45 PM

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