1. Ffetty's Avatar
    On Labor Day I got a txt message from T Mobil that my SIM card had been changed. Suddenly, I had no service. I used my sons phone and called T Mobil (611)and was told that it was a network glitch on their end. He had me restart my phone. I had tried that before calling and it didn’t help, but when I did it with the tec on the line, it worked.
    A few days later, using my Samsung Galaxy S9, I was on my Coinbase pro account, on my which had $30,434 in USD on it. I was waiting for an order to be filled. I got a message from hotmail that it could not log in to my email and my password was incorrect. I then got the same text message that my SIM card had been changed.
    I looked at my Coinbase account and all my funds were gone. I logged out of Coinbase, thinking that it was a glitch, but could not log back in. I have 2F enabled so every time I log in, I get a txt code. I received this code, but Coinbase sent me a “new device conformation” email to my hotmail. I cannot open my hotmail because I then found out that someone stole my email account. I contacted Coinbase and they locked my account pending further investigation.
    I had white paper enabled as well on Coinbase, so cryptocurrency is only supposed to go to my one verified address. But the Coinbase technician said that if a thief could send the funds to my regular Coinbase account (not the pro), then they could take my funds because the normal Coinbase site does not have white paper protection and the two accounts are linked.
    Can someone actually hack into my phone and receive my txt messages or respond in such a way to make Coinbase think a hackers computer is mine? Can they take over my SIM card? Very freaked out right now.
    09-11-2019 01:25 AM
  2. Galactic Zoo's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of this problem. You really need to go see the cops. This is serious stuff.
    Hope all works out OK
    09-12-2019 03:30 PM
  3. jgreg02's Avatar
    Contact FBI. They need to know about this.
    09-21-2019 01:12 AM

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