1. BBRfuG's Avatar
    Well, my trusty old GS5 finally gave up the ghost. It suffered from the "battery inflation" issue, and although it probably would still function toady if "activated," it was time to put it out to pasture.

    Thus, I now own brand new GS9. I did not go with the 10 or 105g, primarily due to the expense, and the belief that 5g technologies are going to take longer to implement than anticipated, and by the time they're in full swing, I'll be ready for the next upgrade.

    Early returns -

    1) I do like it! I'm not yet into the "edge technology," but I'll get there. It just looks a lot clearner. The above said:

    2) Dimming Screen - How do you stop the screen from dimming/fading to black when:

    a) Looking at the home screen;
    b) While you are placing a call (which seems to happen even if you turn off dimming
    to the home screen?

    It just seems like you push the button to turn it on, and then it dims to "off" maybe 15 seconds later...

    Other than that, I'll get back to you with other thoughts. But, so far, I like it. I can use a speed charger even though I have a protective leather cover on it. It does heat the unit up a little, and I hope that won't compromise the batter as GS5's were compromised. And I discovered that I couldn't fit it into the standard Otter Box for it (just didn't fit), but I have the plastic shield as well as a leather fold over case for it, which I can put inside a kevlar holster on my belt clip.

    So yeah... can anyone help with the "dimming" issue? I do have "power options" turned off, but I still get dimming when I place a call.

    THanks all!
    10-28-2019 12:12 PM
  2. dbollman423's Avatar
    in Settings/Display/Screen Timeout change from 15 seconds. When on a call, if it is incoming you'll need to wake it up because the proximity sensor will turn it off.
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    10-28-2019 06:04 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    Also after changing the default screen time out make sure your screen protector or case not interfere with the proximity sensor , and it's normal for phone screen to turn off during a call to the ear piece as it prevents accidental touches
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    10-28-2019 06:11 PM

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