1. classact's Avatar
    Finally trying my S9 as my main driver. Running Android 9.

    Home screen has Google field there (I may have put it there a while ago; I don't recall). In the field it says Say "Hey Google" at the right of the field before the mic icon, but when I say it nothing happens (regardless of whether I'm using a Bluetooth headset or not). I have to tap the icon, and then it works.

    How do I make it activate using voice?
    11-02-2019 03:58 AM
  2. mary beth hale's Avatar
    Open Google app. Tap "more" at lower right>Settings>Voice>
    11-02-2019 10:58 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Make sure Voice Match is turned on in the Google Assistant settings. If it already is, you may want to try retraining the voice model.
    11-02-2019 11:31 AM
  4. krisqz's Avatar
    Also, make sure Bixby isn't enabled for voice activation.
    11-02-2019 11:43 AM
  5. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    Also make sure that Bixby is not set as default assistant in default apps.
    11-02-2019 10:58 PM
  6. mustang7757's Avatar
    Make sure you didn't disable Google App
    11-02-2019 11:16 PM
  7. classact's Avatar
    Got it working. Just had to go into settings and enabling voice activation for it.
    11-15-2019 04:30 AM
  8. THEPRFCT10's Avatar
    On mine it's "Ok Google" not "Hey"
    11-15-2019 06:57 AM
  9. pizza_pablo's Avatar
    On mine it's "Ok Google" not "Hey"
    On most phones, both are available.
    11-15-2019 10:57 AM
  10. THEPRFCT10's Avatar
    On most phones, both are available.
    Interesting indeed
    11-15-2019 11:29 AM

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