1. Piro Virus's Avatar
    I have an awesome galaxy note S9 and I bought a neat case for it but it's not as neat as the case I already have for it. So I want to give the new case I bought to my mom for her phone but I'm not sure if it will fit her phone or not. I looked online to see if there were other phones compatible with a galaxy s9 phone case and it only tells me what samsung phones are compatible, like the s8, but I think my moms phone is an entirely different brand. I know she doesnt have a galaxy s9. Does any one know if any other phones like iphones or other brands of phones will fit a case for a note 9? I'll probly find out whether the case fits my moms phone or not but I'd love any answers so if it doesnt fit my moms I can save it for another fanily member or friend. <3
    03-06-2020 02:43 PM
  2. krisqz's Avatar
    Each phone has different layout of hardware buttons. S8 and S9 won't be compatible either because fingerprint scanner is in a different place.
    03-06-2020 04:10 PM
  3. pontiac005's Avatar
    Each phone case is tailored to a specific model and usually will not fit with others
    03-07-2020 12:55 AM

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