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    Hi my friends, i have a question regarding updates for my Galaxy phones and ive been looking for this answer but i can not find it and maybe you can help me.

    look i own a lot of Galaxy devices including, GS2 i9100, GS3 i9300, Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Player 5.0. Galaxy Y and Galaxy Note 10.1

    however my i9300 is factory unlocked but has a CSC from AFR and is always late to receive OTA updates so i flashed the unbranded firmware from UK BTU but i didnt changed the CSC to BTU, it is still on AFR cuz i did not wanted to wipe my data.

    now my question is this, now that i have the UK BTU unbranded firmware flashed on my i9300, i will get updates as soon as they are available for UK BTU or i will still get updates when is ready for my AFR CSC?

    12-06-2012 03:54 PM

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