1. guinnkevinr's Avatar
    Just curious on your thoughts. I ordered the black international version but won't have for another couple days. How does it look in person? I've had the white, red and blue but wasn't really interested in any of those colors.
    12-10-2012 11:43 AM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    Take sum pics wen u get it man. Havnt seen it

    Unbranded international s3 with Official JB. Paisley, Slotland, Western Europe :beer:
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    12-10-2012 01:31 PM
  3. Davyo's Avatar
    I had a black GS3 from Verizon but had to dump Verizon and go with T-Mobile (sadly Verizon is the only US carrier that offers a black GS3).

    Anyhow, the black GS3 is an amazing looking phone,,, the black version looks about a billion times cooler than any of the other colors.

    Why Samsung limited the carries or the number of black GS3's for release is a mystery and very frustrating.

    It would seem like a no brainer to offer the GS3 in black,,,,,, perhaps Samsung didn't want to offer a "perfect phone" for the USA,,,,,,, gotta ruin it in some way so bring it out in blue and white,,,, that should hobble such a great phone nicely.

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    12-10-2012 03:07 PM
  4. MangoPowah's Avatar
    A good buddy of mine has one. It's pretty, but I still think my white One X is prettier

    Sent from the cockpit of Gurren Lagann
    12-10-2012 05:54 PM
  5. -xKevin-'s Avatar
    This might help: Samsung GALAXY S III
    (choose Sapphire black)
    12-14-2012 10:15 PM
  6. funkylogik's Avatar
    Just get black decals.
    Ive got matte black carbon effect round my bezel n it looks really hot but mght get gloss black next

    Unbranded international s3 with Official JB. Paisley, Slotland, Western Europe :beer:
    12-14-2012 11:58 PM

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