1. naggar12's Avatar
    ive nooted my 16gb international s3 for some time, flashed several roms, and used odin once to flash an updated cwm. im currently running hyperlight rom v0.9 XXDLIB. Now whenever my phone starts to lag or slow down, i boot into recovery, wipe the dalvik cache and cache partition. i do that frequently, one time after i did my wipes, after i pressed reboot into recovery, i got a mesage saying rom may flash stock recovery on boot, continue? it doesnt matter if i press yea or no, the phonrle just boots normally.help please? and i have never
    played with the kernel
    01-01-2013 03:51 AM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    Soz brer i dont get the question but get "cache cleaner" app or hold power button with charger out to blow out the cowbebs

    Unbranded international s3 with Official 4.1.2 JB. Paisley, Slotland, Western Europe :beer:
    01-01-2013 04:05 AM
  3. naggar12's Avatar
    i meant that wen i boot into recovery, wipe the cache, then press reboot.into system, i get a message saying that the ROM may flash stock recovery on reboot
    01-01-2013 04:10 AM
  4. naggar12's Avatar
    ive booted into recovery then pressed reboot into system.... at the top i get this message; WARNING rom may flash stock recovery on boot..fix? then 3 options.... these are no, go back and disable recovery flash, if i press either no or go back, the phone reboots normally, i still havent tried pressing disable recovery flash
    01-01-2013 04:17 AM

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