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    Hello! I'm Ashley and I'm new to AndroidCentral and this is my first post!

    So I've had a Samsung Galaxy S3 since October and this problem has happened 3 times during my time with the phone.

    So my SIM card was being ed so I decided to try and take it out my then the battery fell out the phone. So I put the Battery back in the phone and as normal the phone turned back on, However I had 42% est. of battery and the phone displayed 19% so I took the phone battery out again put it back in turned the phone on and now it displayed 27% and I didn't charge it in that time!

    Here some screenshots

    In the picture you can see the phone is discharging rapidly since I was gaming on it and using it constantly then it drops down suddenly and rises a tiny bit!!

    WTF! D:
    01-27-2013 02:28 PM

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