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    The Exynos Exploit issue is a bug which would allow a hacker to gain complete root access to your device and modify or even soft brick your device as per his choice. This issue affected all Samsung phones having an Exynos processor variant which includes the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Original Note and the Note 2. This issue was fixed by Samsung in the later builds.

    The Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) issue is caused by a buggy firmware (low level machine code) on the emmc of devices, specifically, a 16GB VTU00M chip with firmware revision 0xf1. The phone dies when trying to write data to an affected block. Samsung has issued a temporary fix to avoid sudden death but this is not a permanent solution. It causes a device freeze or lock-up when attempting to write to an affected block. For devices which have undergone a lot of writes before the fix, the users experience persistant freezing which may last from 2min to even an hour. The new update XXEMB5, starting from XXEMB1 is said to resolve this issue, but some are still experiencing these freezes.

    The ultimate fix to this issue is changing the PCB of an affected device to a newer hardware revision which has emmc with an updated firmware revision 0xf7

    Hope it helps people understanding both....

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    03-30-2013 01:55 AM
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    hey how's it going?

    i was wondering if it would be wise to replace a faulty motherboard of an i9300 with let's say another motherboard, perhaps one from t-mobile for instance?
    07-06-2013 10:51 AM

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