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    Hi everyone.
    Ok, I know that this issue has been discussed many times on different forums, but I need your advice on hardware replacement.
    First, for the symptomps, mine is like everybody's : can't hear, can't talk no matter if I'm the caller or receiver, no dial tone, "out of service area" note appears after failed calls even though my area's signal is strong.
    However, the phone is not 100% dead: sometimes its works perfectly fine , but plays dead when it feels like to.So, I depend on luck: I know I'm lucky when I can hear the dial tone, but there's no way to know when I'm the receiver though.
    I've tried many methods: factory reset, install stock or custom roms, kernels, using speakers, headphones, etc but still, luck decides everything.
    I think now I must replace my hardware, but since my warranty duration expires, I need to decide carefully on which part to be replaced as I don't want to waste money. The technical support guy said something about IC audio, while many people on forums said the whole motherboard must be changed.So, what are your opinions about this replacement ?
    Thank you.
    07-05-2013 10:51 PM

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