1. six_h's Avatar
    God save me from Samasung!
    "Video Hub" has now gone stupid!
    As soon as I open it, it says there is an update.... tapping "OK" opens an update for "SAMSUNG HUB"...a totally different App!
    on completion, I close "SAMSUNG HUB", and try to re-open "Video Hub"...."There's an update", hitting OK..............I think you get the picture!

    Phoned Sammy, they took some details, said they would get back in 24hrs, probably by Monday!!.........that's some 24hrs!
    But then again, that's Samsung.
    Anyone else have this trouble,....I mean with the Video Hub App, we all have the same experience with Sammy I think.
    07-25-2013 07:16 AM

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