1. Jon Watson68's Avatar
    I have just updated the firmware on my Galaxy 3, and was asked at the same time to upgrade to Kies 3, so I did that as well. Now there is no option - either on my phone or PC - to synchronize my calendars, tasks or contacts. The previous menu option on the phone (Settings/More settings/Kies wi fi) has disappeared, and the Synch option on the PC (for either USB or wi fi connections) has also disappeared.
    Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know the solution?
    11-12-2013 08:40 AM
  2. m0scs's Avatar
    Hi, I have not updated yet, although the 4.3 update is available on KIES. I'm running an unlocked UK version and I've read a lot of people having all sorts of problems with lag etc. Have you experienced this?

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    11-12-2013 04:41 PM
  3. Jon Watson68's Avatar
    Is the 4.3 update what I have just loaded, ie Kies 3?
    11-13-2013 05:11 AM
  4. Jon Watson68's Avatar
    Having just spent the best part of an hour on the phone to the Samsung support centre, they have now admitted that it is not possible to synchronise with the new software! So if you need to synchronise, DON'T UPGRADE!!!
    11-13-2013 10:04 AM
  5. GSDer's Avatar
    Is the 4.3 update what I have just loaded, ie Kies 3?
    The software update to your phone (see Settings -> About phone) is independent of any update to the Kies software on your PC.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM 10.2 using Tapatalk 4
    11-13-2013 02:31 PM
  6. Jon Watson68's Avatar
    Maybe, but when I updated the phone, I was instructed to update the Kies software on my PC.
    11-13-2013 04:52 PM

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