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    I have a S3 and recently updated to android 4.3. Before it had 4.1.2 and have the following same problem before and after upgrade.

    I open internet and go to a page like google.com. Then I press home button. After I open chrome and go to a page like androidcentral.com and I press home button. After I long press the home button. I select the app from the list, like chrome. The app does not start where I left it. The case is worse when I have several pages in chrome/internet and press home button to go another app and return with long press back to chrome/internet, then all pages are lost and it starts with home page.

    I have an S4 and android 4.2.2 where there is no such problem.

    Is the problem due to S3 Ram (1GB) vs S4 (2GB) or any suggestion to the problem?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    11-16-2013 04:53 AM
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    Sorry, not sure what to tell you. My Verizon S3 (4.1.2, 2GB RAM) operates as expected in the scenario that you described (I used Dolphin and the stock browser).

    When I long-press the Home button, the preview of each browser shows the expected content.

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    11-16-2013 08:14 AM
  3. android74's Avatar
    Thx. Hope someone else would reply too to have more feedback. My S3 has 1gb ram and yours 2gb. I do not want to end up having the resolution as ram size. Can also see the browser after you click on it during preview what you left it? In the preview I do not have any issue but when I select the app it starts as re-loading from scratch

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    11-16-2013 08:22 AM
  4. android74's Avatar
    I just checked dolphin and it is better. Thanks

    One question, when you are on the main screen, after long press the home button and open the dolphin, does the browser reload the page which was seen on the preview?

    Mine does. I see the green loading progress bar working upper side of the screen.
    11-16-2013 08:37 AM
  5. GSDer's Avatar
    No, when selecting the preview the browser page remains from the previous session - it doesn't reload anything. That behavior is the same for both Dolphin and the stock browser.

    And if I have multiple tabs open in each browser, they remain loaded when I switch between them. HTH.

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    11-16-2013 09:41 AM
  6. android74's Avatar
    Then I suspect that the issue is 1gb ram.

    Hope someone else with a similar device ( S3 with 1gb ram and running with android 4.1.2 or 4.3) would reply who does not have the issue.
    11-16-2013 11:02 AM
  7. Flamer256's Avatar
    I just tried this on my S3 (1 GB Ram) and every time when i went back to crome, it reloaded the page i was last on.

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    11-16-2013 01:27 PM
  8. android74's Avatar
    I did hard reset, after having a back up on kies. (the back up and restore did not result as much as expected, gave some problems about settings) The issue is seemed to be fixed.

    The browers is returning now where it left (internet/doplhin). Sometimes it re-loads the page and sometimes does not but it returns.

    I will check other browers too.
    11-17-2013 05:30 AM

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