1. DixieDeanLiverpool's Avatar
    I noticed that I had a system message that my internal phone card was too full and that some apps might be affected. Before I could do anything about it, my phone rebooted and now won't completely load, it keeps looping around the re-start procedure. I suspect that some voice recordings I made yesterday are to blame - they were probably just too big and filled the card. Is there a way around this? Common sense says to remove internal phone card and delete or copy off the offending files. Is this possible? Any ideas folks?

    Before anyone asks - it is the internal phone SD card that is too full, not the additional one that can easily be removed.
    11-27-2013 03:18 PM
  2. Jerry Shen's Avatar
    I don't think you can remove the internal SD card. It is just that, internal.
    Is the problem that it is constantly restarting itself? Like through the samsung start up screen, then back to the restart etc. My S3 did this once, and what I did was take out the battery and rest it for a bit, then put it back in. It hasn't happened since. Maybe see if that works? And then empty up your internal storage.

    Hope that helps in any way
    11-27-2013 03:24 PM
  3. DixieDeanLiverpool's Avatar
    I have tried that - yeah I was hoping someone might know how the internal card can be removed and files deleted from it. I'll keep trying your suggestion until either it works or someone comes up with another idea
    11-27-2013 03:27 PM
  4. DixieDeanLiverpool's Avatar
    Its now rebooted, Thanks Jerry Shen
    11-27-2013 03:39 PM
  5. Jerry Shen's Avatar
    Oh glad it worked! No worries all the way from New Zealand :P Hope it doesn't happen again
    11-27-2013 11:16 PM
  6. GSDer's Avatar
    how the internal card can be removed and files deleted from it.
    As noted by Jerry, the 'internal card' (/storage/sdcard0) cannot be removed. You can (and should) be using your favorite file manager (like the included My Files app) to make sure there's plenty of room on the internal memory - when it gets to less than 2GB of free space, bad things start happening.

    You can set the Camera app to store pictures/videos to the 'external card' (/storage/extSdCard) by default (that works for everything but burst mode; screenshots are also stored on the internal memory), but that has its own pitfalls - SD cards tend to get corrupted, so you should use a backup option like Cloud Drive: http://market.android.com/details?id...uddrive.photos just to be on the safe side.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM 10.2 using Tapatalk 4
    11-29-2013 12:02 PM
  7. Gerard Rushe's Avatar
    Hey i know this is an old thread but I have a Samsung GT-18730 and the memory has completely gone. Just came back from holidays and before we went i cleared a load of free space for pictures and videos, the last day of the holiday i got a message saying "Memory level Critical" considering i had 500mb the night before i decided to clear Cache from most of my apps and deleted a few apps i wasn't using, that freed up a few hundred MB but within 5 minutes the space had gone back to 0, I am home now and just connected my phone up to the laptop to transfer all my pics and videos over to free up space but my phone will not turn on and the laptop is not recognizing the device anymore so i can't even transfer anything off it again. Other than factory reset where losing my pictures and videos, is there any other fix for this or has anyone had the same issue with the memory rapid loss?? Also i don't have an SD Card!!
    Thanks in advance
    04-03-2015 04:46 PM
  8. Samuel Owusu Agyemang's Avatar
    my lg staylo is not able to restart cos any time I try it tells me Android apps starting which due to full internal memory .pls wat can I do to get it back on track
    02-26-2017 12:22 AM

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