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    hello! A few days ago,my galaxy S3 fell from my pocket on a rock with the left edge from about 30-40 cm high. no screen scratches or cracks but... first,the screen had a medium-size black spot near the point of impact with the rock. then,the spot got bigger and the colors of the display got also darker,unsaturated and with a blue/purple tint. Finally , the screen became all black and i see nothing displayed. However , the phone still works,I always get notifications from various applications , the LED still works etc. I've connected the phone on the PC and it connected normally without any problem .From what I have seen, I've noticed that the touchscreen still works.Please tell me what to do and what happened to my phone and if you can tell me what part of the phone must be replaced with a new one in order to know what to buy . I will attach some photos with my phone,with the point on witch the phone landed on the rock and some other i hopeeee i can still fix it!!! I have no carrier insurance,because the phone is factory unlocked(the version is the international one)

    P.S:Sorry if i have any kind of typos or grammar mistakes and so on

    Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07518.jpg
    Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07525.jpg
    Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07529.jpg
    Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07535.jpg
    Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07540.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy S3 display not working-dsc07525.jpg  
    01-02-2014 11:57 AM

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