1. Kitsuii's Avatar
    I need help.

    I'm running omnirom 4.4 and lately my phone has just been rebooting randomly, well now its switched off and I can't get passed the "Samsung Galaxy S3" on boot. I don't even get to the omni animation.

    I booted into recovery in an attempt to flash an old nightly but when I click on install TWRP says 0 internal memory and 0 external memory?

    What do I do?

    Please help, thanks.

    Another thing, I went to reboot while in recovery and it said I had no OS installed?

    It just occured to me that I could probably flash a rom/nightly via odin, since I can get into dl/recovery mode, but since it says 0gb int and ext when in recovery, will this work?

    Not detecting memory seems like a hardware issue to me, but I know literally nothing, just throwing it out there
    02-08-2014 11:14 AM
  2. Kitsuii's Avatar
    ps when i plug in the charger, the battery logo comes up

    although its empty (not green), and it has a little circle in the middle to indicating loading of some kind, but the circle doesn't spin, like it's crashed.

    i know i have at least 50% battery because it says so when i enter recovery
    02-08-2014 12:41 PM

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