1. C57's Avatar
    An odd problem.
    This seems to apply to a number of video formats in movie clips I have...
    If I use a file manager (ES for example, but not limited to ES) to find a video clip on a shared folder on the LAN, I can open and play the clip on the GS3 perfectly well.
    If I copy the clip (on the device) and paste to external card or phone memory, it won't play! Cannot play this video, kind of message.
    And yet it is the same file, just copied across without conversion, using a file manger running on the GS3 itself!

    Anyone know why this could happen? Doesn't make sense to me - after all it is the same file, same format, just saved locally.

    It can be .wmv or .avi or ,mp4 ....

    Can anyone suggest a reason/fix?

    02-20-2014 03:39 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    Maybe the file is failing DLNA scan while on the device but passes the streaming scan from remote host? When the file is being streamed your device doesn't exactly know what file is being used and can only scan the stream.

    Digital Living Network Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    02-20-2014 03:54 PM
  3. C57's Avatar
    Thanks for the input.
    Is there a way to test the theory - or a way to overcome it?
    Even clips that used to play have stopped playing since I put a new bigger SD card in the phone and copied files to it from the old card.
    But now newly created clips won't play either...
    02-20-2014 04:00 PM
  4. C57's Avatar
    Here's an even stranger discovery...
    If I copy a clip to the phone memory, and it is playable (after much fiddling with the format!), I can then copy that file from phone to SD card - and it's unplayable.
    It will play from the phone memory but not from card memory.
    The videoplayer sees it alright, but won't show a preview and won't play the file when it's on the card.
    02-21-2014 02:20 AM
  5. C57's Avatar
    So this seems to be a memory card size issue.
    If I use a 4GB card, I can play and everything looks ok.
    If I use a 32GB card, I can't play, and almost all my folders get renamed starting with a "mu" symbol. All folders are then shown as empty.

    Doesn't matter if I format the card on the PC or on the phone - still the same folder name corruption and empty folders.
    If I format on the PC with Windows, Fat32 is recognised on the phone (but corruption occurs); NTFS is unrecognised; extFAT is unrecognised by the phone.

    This phone is superposed to support 64GB cards, but clearly doesn't.
    02-21-2014 06:28 AM
  6. zedorda's Avatar
    Not all SD cards are created equal you have to do some research to find out which SD cards are compatible. For example My LG G-Pad 8.3 supports 64gb SD cards but can not even read a 16gb UHS-1 SD card.

    02-21-2014 01:30 PM
  7. C57's Avatar
    And yet research shows GS3 should be ok with UHS-1 at 32GB...
    So how do we know what really works?
    Lots of people seem to have 64GB working, but what cards are they using and why should some work and some not? GS3 is supposed to support SDHC and SDXC...
    02-24-2014 06:26 AM

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