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    aka import ics email attachments direct to google calendar??

    I'm stuck. I'm trying to import a single event ics (not a whole calendar) that's been sent as an email attachment direct into Google. I want to sync my work outlook calendar (MS Exchange) with my phone, but without ActiveSync since my firm flat refuses to flick the switch for Android. Google Apps failed. The workaround I've kind of got used to is to have invitations forward (by a rule) to my gmail account. If I'm the organiser I send as an ics attachment, & import from the phone mail client, or from gmail app, or K@mail Pro. It ain't pretty but it worked fine while I used just the S Planner/My Calendar.

    Anyway now I'd like to make use of my Doodle premium and have it pick up my schedule, & Google calendar seems the most obvious route. The problem is I can't seem to import the ics file from any email client direct to my google calendar, only to My Calendar. Would be fine if I could get My Calendar to sync to my Google calendar, I'd just hide My Calendar from the schedule. But it won't sync.

    I'm missing something, and making it more complicated than it need be I'm sure. So I'm open to ideas, from just this part of an ugly workaround to a rethink on the entire approach, so far the best that work's been able to come up with is to buy an iPhone.

    Fingers crossed.....

    [and sorry if this isn't posted right and someone's had to move it, newbie disadvantage]
    05-02-2014 11:04 AM

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