1. anon8941049's Avatar
    Hi All

    MY Galaxy S III has a black screen which says

    "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in KIES and try again"

    Now I think I understand that I must recover my device using KIES and do an upgrade and initialisation. However doing this will wipe my data. I have taken out my external memory but is there any way I can save my photos, videos, contacts etc before wiping and resetting my device???

    When i put my usb into my device, Kies just keeps saying "connecting" constantly.
    If it helps to know...I have a MAC but I also have access to a windows laptop.

    I really need my data
    Thank you so much in advance!
    06-24-2014 09:21 PM
  2. cguymartin's Avatar
    i just went throught this same issue. not sure if what i did will help you or not but I stumbled upon a possible fix by happenstance...see if you can find a download link or mirror to find the verizon stock recovery and flash it to the pda section of odin. took me less than ten seconds to resolve an issue that ive been battling with for three days now. i seriously thought my phone was phucked! best of luck to you.
    06-25-2014 03:21 AM
  3. cguymartin's Avatar
    06-25-2014 03:37 AM

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