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    I found something that says it erases data in the settings menu. Is that it?

    I tried to hold down the VOLUME UP and POWER at the same time but it does nothing. Maybe I'm not holding it long enough?


    Sent from my Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I figured it out. Man, is it a touchy process. Have to do it EXACTLY right. For those interested...

    1) Turn off TAB and wait 30 seconds.
    2) Press POWER button and then immediately the VOLUME DOWN, hold both
    3) When something appears on screen, release power button but hold VOLUME DOWN until you see two icons: On the left is like a box with an arrow popping out of it (sorry don't remember exactly) and on the right is an Android dude with the word "Downloading" below it.
    4) Use the VOLUME rocker to select the icon on the LEFT (so it is flashing)
    5) Here's where I can't remember... you either press the VOLUME DOWN or POWER button to select that.
    6) It will throw up a text menu on which you will see "factory reset"... use the volume keys to highlight it then press POWER to do it. Confirm it on the next screen. It will wipe/reset.
    7) Select "Reboot" from the menu using the power key.

    Sorry for the lack of technical terms. Maybe someone else can clean this up.

    W A R N I N G !!! It erases your SD storage too! I just learned that the hard way.

    Also - not sure if this is any different from just using the data erase option in the settings menu.
    07-12-2011 10:38 PM
  2. werkx's Avatar
    thanks. i think the difference between this and using the reset option from settings may be the wiping of the /sdcard storage? i'm not ready to test this.

    the wiping of the /sdcard is not good, though.
    07-13-2011 08:45 AM