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    I am thinking about picking up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 but had a few questions about this first before i do. I am going to be using this to browse websites/email/teamviewer/skype?

    I want to know the following what is your recommendation for a case with a keyboard so I have somehting to type long emails on the go?

    The stylus pen that you can buy from samsung is there really support for this so I can use the stylus for more than just clicking on links/places on the screen can I use it to sign pdfs and those sorts of things?

    Is there good support for google docs and editing and creating them? Or is it the normal andoid apps to handle this?

    How is the email apps in this one sometimes it seems like I have to update the emails myself to know when they come in?

    Thanks for the feedback I am hoping I can do most of these things and pick one of these up within a few days.
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    08-17-2011 08:30 PM