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    Hello everyone,

    The purpose of this thread, is to hear members thoughts & opinions on how the Samsung Galaxy Tab stacks up amongst a suggested list of attributes:

    • Aesthetics
    • Screen
    • Hardware
    • Overall User Interface
    • Widgets
    • Signal quality (Compared to other devices)
    • GPS
    • Social Networking
    • Email/Calendar
    • Battery Life
    • Performance
    • Media (music, movies, DLNA)
    • Keyboard's
    • Camera (both still & video)
    • How the Galaxy Tab compares to your previous tablet (if applicable)
    • Disappointments (if any)

    Feel free to provide as little or as much detail as possible, while trying to make it as useful as possible. Hopefully this will help others who are considering the Galaxy Tab, but would like to hear some user feedback first. Also, please do not review the Galaxy Tab prior to having one

    And if you read a review that you found helpful, please use the Thanks button to show them your appreciation!
    11-10-2011 12:08 AM
  2. WAldenIV's Avatar
    I've had the GTab 8.9 for a few days now and these are my first impressions.

    The form factor and screen are fantastic. It's light and thin and can be held in one hand, both portrait and landscape. The speakers are very good, too.

    I've had great wi-fi connectivity at home so far. I watched 30 minutes of the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead" in HD using Netflix and it was smooth and the audio was in sync the whole time.

    The game "Shadowgun" looks like an XBox 360 or PS3 game and runs flawlessly on the device. My wife, who is not a gamer or tech person, but rather a naive observer, said she was amazed at Shadowgun. She also finds the screen to be gorgeous.

    I played with several other tablets in store to get a feel for the interfaces. I find Samsung's TouchWiz to be smooth and well integrated. I didn't find the Xoom, A500, or Transformer to be any snappier. In fact, the Xoom was the only one as snappy.

    I have reduced the brightness manually a little bit. I don't like my white backgrounds to be too harsh when reading. I find that I lose about 10% battery per hour with wi-fi on (for an estimate of just under 10 hours). I haven't done my first full power drain yet, though. I also might find better configuration options to improve battery life. I have no complaints at 10 hours though. I left the unit idle overnight last night and only drained 1% of the battery in 8 hours.

    So far I'm very happy overall with performance and form factor. As the internals are the same as the 10.1" GTab, I would expect size to be the deciding factor for users choosing a GTab, not performance.
    11-10-2011 11:34 AM
  3. anon(549921)'s Avatar
    Had my Tab for 2 weeks now and still cannot stop playing with it.

    - the design is excellent, easily on a par with the iPad
    - the screen is superb, great colours & blacks
    - the interface is easy to use and looks clean
    - battery life is good especially when watching video, but some games do suck the life out of it

    Overall I'm very impressed, the only thing lacking is more bespoke Honeycomb apps
    11-12-2011 10:40 AM
  4. OKATVRIDER's Avatar
    Ive owned my Tab for almost a week now and cant put it down. I actually take it to work with me and mess around with it.

    -Super slim design
    -Battery life is awesome ( watch a few movies, play some games, browse online, etc...and still 20% left before i go to bed. 12hrs use if awesome. )
    -Great playing games.
    -Netflix steams awesome
    -recommend a Stylus for sure though , i hate fingerprints lol
    12-14-2011 11:00 AM
  5. forenuser's Avatar
    Sal, Hello and Moin Moin!

    Well, after a "Nexus S" Mobile (first with GB 2.3.06, now with ICS 4.0.3) i finaly got a Galaxy Tab 101(N) and i am quite impressed - in both ways, the good and not so good way...

    The 10 inch screen has just the right size. With a larger one the whole device would become (surprise) to big and on a smaller display the keyboard would also be to small, specially for my fingers (Wurstfinger). And until now no scratches on the display. Anyway i find it too much reflecting.

    The hardware is ok. The case does not heat up or twist and the device responds (in most cases) instandly. Up to now i did not get any low memory warnings but for storage reasons a SD-card-slot would be fine.

    The battery life time ist ok for the given hardware and performance. But of course a swapable battery would have been great. And something i do not like ist the annoying "battery charged" sound and the screen lighting up. I do not know when Samsung engineers charge there tablets but i do this at night - while sleeping.

    But now to the user interface...
    As written above i am coming from GB and ICS. But before that i was on webOS and after a month or so i am still in a learning phase. However on the tablet i find some more things odd - even compared with GB or ICC. But honestly i got no idea if this is on "Honeycomb" or "Touchwiz".
    For example the lower right menu Generaly i like those but i would prefer them on the top of the screen - similar to webOS. Same goes for the "App-Selector-Menu" on the lower left. ICS made this much better and i hope to see this an the tablet soon. And this screenshot button... Anyway to get rid of it?
    I just strike this menus often by accident - see "Wurstfingers".
    And i sadly have not found a way to change the six apps on the "Launchbar" yet. This is really annoying!

    Perhaps it is my fault and i just should have been waiting for the "Nexus Tablet" but.. i did not want to wait any longer...

    Ah yes one further thing. The german translation is... interesting. As you see i am not native english and i am sure the translator is not native german.

    I really do not use the camera, GPS or media center so i can not say anything about these. Also stuff like "aesthetics" is not importent to me. M<y Acorn Risc PC is not an aesthetics one but it is working. This is what i am expecting from a machine.

    Well, that's from me now. I hope my text is still understandable.

    12-31-2011 08:39 AM
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