1. albertdc's Avatar
    Could someone with the new Firmware please check something in the stock Gallery app for me? I am leaving town tomorrow for vacation and really don't want to risk a problem with doing the update tomorrow unless it brings this change with it:

    Can you choose which order to display the photos in the Gallery or in a given folder?

    In the current (now old) firmware, the photos are displayed in the Gallery with the newest ones first and oldest ones last. So if I have a folder of photos from a vacation that I am showing, I need to start at the end of the folder and page through backwards to show the picture in chronological order. I HATE THIS!!!

    I use "QuickPic" which allows me to choose the order, whether alphabetical or chronological, so that I can then page through in the right direction. However, the photos don't display as quickly as the stock app and I would love to not have to use a 3rd party gallery.

    So.... does the new firmware allow you to choose the order, or at least have they changed it so that the newest ones are at the end?!?!

    Your feedback is appreciated -
    11-22-2011 03:08 PM
  2. LNWJ's Avatar
    These are the options I have. Seems unchanged. Hope this helps!
    11-22-2011 09:35 PM
  3. albertdc's Avatar
    Yep, seems unchanged. Thanks. Think I'll wait until AFTER my trip to update....
    11-22-2011 09:47 PM