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    Here's the deal, I've had the Galaxy 10.1 for a few weeks. Everything was working just fine, no issues to speak of. Then one day it started to notify me that MTP was initialized. I got curious so I looked it up. MTP, that's awesome, I can move stuff around etc. Only there's one hiccup with this whole thing: It was plugged into the wall socket.

    That said, now to charge it, I have to turn it off, and even then it could take up to 3-4 days of constant charging to get even close to 90% of a charge.

    I contacted Samsung about it and did their live chat. They told me to fill out a issue ticket, which I attempted, and ended up with Samsung telling me the serial number on the the tablet wasn't a valid number. Makes not a lick of sense. So I put the tablet away and have been patient, however I didn't drop the amount of cash on the thing to have a shiny paper weight.

    I'd like to know why it's doing what it is, and if they can replace the tablet, letting me know the course of actions needed to be taken to do so, as I use it as a productivity tool 95% of the time.

    It's irritating to have to deal with it.

    With my issue stated, is there a number I can call? What do I need to do to get this rectified? I've already done a factory reset, that changed nothing.

    Thanks to all that can help.

    03-01-2012 05:10 AM
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    I had a similar problem and traced it back to using a different USB block that you plug into the wall. Without the one shipped with the tablet you will see behavior like this. I'm not saying that's what it is, just suggesting you might want to check.

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    03-01-2012 07:13 AM
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    Where might I find another charger? Would Staples or a place of similar products sell them?
    03-01-2012 01:21 PM
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    I got one from Amazon

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    03-02-2012 09:50 PM