1. Froalskiner#WN's Avatar
    I'm having an odd problem. When I delete an app on my tab, the app restores itself after I reboot. I figured something was off so I tried a factory reset. After the reboot it goes back to where it was prior to the reset. I change the wallpaper, it reverts on reboot. I even tried doing a hard reset with the power button and volume down. I was able to get into the stock recovery menu and do a wipe there as well. When I reboot, you guessed it, nothing happened.

    Does anybody know what the hell is going on with this thing?
    06-11-2012 01:40 AM
  2. WordPainter's Avatar
    Did you buy your Tab used? It sounds like you have a display model. They are often locked like that to prevent shoppers from messing them up.
    06-24-2012 08:43 PM
  3. Froalskiner#WN's Avatar
    Nope, brand new and shrink wrapped.

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    06-24-2012 09:07 PM
  4. Clara Solano's Avatar
    Hi, i bought a refurbished, but they send me one with an account (i guess an used one) and is stock with that account, i tried a factory reset and nothing, and i read your post and you said that it sound like a display mode, i cant return the tab coz i bought online (im in other country), i dont know what to do
    11-29-2012 04:15 AM