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    Does any one know of an app that will allow me to transfer Canon camera RAW files (CR2) directly from the camera (or CF card via a card reader) to the Samsung Note 10.1? Highly disappointed that the tablet doesn't do that as I bought it partly for that reason. There have been no reviews I have read that touched on that. I have tried the demo version of RawVision but it didn't pick up the camera or the images. I have also tried Nexus Photoviewer (before I bought the Nexus Photo Importer) which noticed the images but they were highly pixilated, although the jpg images looked good. They only worked off a card reader and usb sticks but not directly from a camera.

    Update 27/01/2013
    Aftr trying several apps ALL DAY, I finally took the plunge and paid for the Photmate Basic ($3.75) and it WORKS! I haven't looked at it in detail, but the main thing is I can transfer RAW images from my camera to the Note 10.1 tablet and able to save and view it full screen on the tablet. If it does only that, it is worth every cent.

    Correction of typo. The app is Photo Mate Basic
    01-27-2013 04:01 AM

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