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    Hello All,

    Hope you can help with this!

    When I wake my rooted Tab P7500 from sleep the display is a jumbled mess of flickering lines:

    Flickering/Rolling on wakeup screen - P7500-20150125_220048-1.jpg

    I recently acquired this for free from family and decided to root since it was running so slowly (4.0.4). My steps:

    - Rooted the device
    - Installed TWRP
    - Installed Nameless ROM (4.4.4) for P7500
    - Installed GApps

    At a certain point (I think when I was rebooting into recovery mode after installing TWRP), I had the issue of the rolling recovery screen. I found and followed the instructions to fix this (forum.xda-developers com/showpost.php?p=27830023&postcount=41). It worked. But then later I noticed the issue with the messed up post-wakeup screen. Not sure if these 2 are related.

    I tried a couple of different things after doing some research - flashing a different kernel and a US bootloader. Nothing worked.

    Other than the display problem, the tab runs great. Sure hope that I can fix and use it!

    Thanks for reading and for any advice!
    01-25-2015 08:40 PM

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