1. BWalther's Avatar
    Since the last update of android my clipboard stopped working. When I try to copy something, the application freezes or closes, like word in office or any other text application. Chrome and native browser both stop working, and installing any clipboard app does not fix the problem. As I work a lot with text and that is the reason I bought the tablet, I'm in trouble here. Used to have an Asus Transformer Prime,had to give it back because it wasn't worth the money. Android is pretty weak, but I would hate to go back to Windows...
    12-17-2012 03:17 AM
  2. WMorandi75's Avatar
    Do you mean update to 4.1? I ask because on previous versions (namely 4.0.3 for sure) there was a really annoying bug that sometimes crippled the clipboard files and no other meas of getting the tab back in order other than resetting to factory settings (I do not consider rooting the device as a feasable way to solve this issue)...the bug seems to be strictly realted to Samsung customization of the Android Keyboard :-(
    I had to reset and everything got back to normale...except that I lost a lot of app and work since the last back-up...Found on some blogs that installing a different keyboard, after resetting, may help...tried to and now let's see...
    I hope you can solve your issue without resetting...and let us know how in case ;-)...I was waiting for the Android update to solve the bug so...finger crossed.
    Hope it helps.
    12-17-2012 12:06 PM

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