1. pamigramster's Avatar
    I know what you are gonna say , and I have tried all the tricks...

    I was in downloader mode , resetting the Battery stats ... the battery wasnt holding a 3 hour charge so I went into the Boot / Downloader mode in my Tablet that I loaded a new ROM on ... Not the problem ..... after several months , it was working fine , i just notices the battery wasnt hold chagre as long ... so i went to erase the battery stats , and i wasnt paying attention , and after wiping the stats, I accidentally hit the power off instead of the vol up , before it was finished and my unit NEVER came on again ...
    I have charged for a week ,
    Held all the combos of buttons down
    Held buttons and rubbed glass... felt like a moron ...
    I have kissed it and prayed .... failed ....
    I have opened the back and unplugged the battery an plugged it back in , I have used different chargers in different houses.
    I have used the original charger in different plugs
    I have tried to charge it in the car all day
    I have taken it to 2 different repair people who , handed it back and said " it wont turn on " DUH.....
    and then i put it in the box last year and bought a new one .........
    I STILL WANT TO FIX IT there has to be a DIY, or fixable solution .... sending it to Samsung for 150.00Plus , is not an option and Id be a fool....

    SO having said all that , does anyone know a fix , Ive cracked the case open and not afraid to disassemble, have done this before . My fear is that it is a firmware issue and i can not recover if i cant get the brain to wake up.....
    04-11-2014 09:18 PM
  2. LiamTGM's Avatar
    i think i am having the same kind of problem as mine is frozen on twitter and is not moving ;-;
    05-17-2014 02:39 AM

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