1. Skyshadow101's Avatar
    I found my tablet from a few years ago. I remember accidentally deleting my play store app since I had root access. I tried to reinstall the apk but it just crashes whenever I open it. And now, I tried to install the play store from aptoide, it let me sign in and all that, but I couldn't install anything, as it crashes and it doesn't let me re-enter the Play Store. I've heard that flashing GAPPS would do the trick, but I couldn't find my device number (p5113) on here. There is only p5100 and p5110. I don't know what to do AT ALL! So please help!
    08-04-2016 11:49 AM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    The GAPPS package is the thing you'll need to load... which requires a custom recovery, of course.

    Have you tried Flashify? Or the TWRP Manager app? The p5113 is often lumped in with the p5110 in a lot of the posts I see. Now, if it were MY device, I'd say to hell with it and try to load the TWRP build for the p5110, but I am a crazy person.

    Load up the TWRP Manager app, see if it gives you a compatible build.
    08-04-2016 02:17 PM
  3. Skyshadow101's Avatar
    I give up honestly. I looked in the ROM manager app, and it said I already have TWRP installed. But when I boot into recovery, it is my stock recovery. And the same thing with the TWRP app. Flashify freezes whenever I try to choose a file. To top things off, my computer won't recognize my tablet, even with all the drivers and programs installed, so I can't use ODIN.

    Look's like I going to stick with a playstore-less tablet. Thanks for the help!
    08-04-2016 03:21 PM
  4. LeoRex's Avatar
    If that's the case, you might want to check out an app like XDA Labs... That can keep what apps you have installed up to date without needing Google Play.
    08-05-2016 10:44 PM
  5. w4phle_stomp's Avatar
    You can manually download and install theses two packages Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

    They're available from apkmirror.com.

    On your device, enable the ability to install from 'unknown sources'.

    Using your device, browse to the above link and search for the two above-mentioned packages:
    How to get the Play Store back?-screenshot-2016-08-11-02-21-55.png

    Select which version you wish to download:
    How to get the Play Store back?-screenshot-2016-08-11-02-09-36.png

    Click the file link:
    How to get the Play Store back?-screenshot-2016-08-11-02-11-55.png

    Click the download apk link:
    How to get the Play Store back?-screenshot-2016-08-11-02-13-44.png

    I'm new to this Android world, so I'm not sure what else may be required - perhaps someone else knows and can share.

    08-11-2016 04:28 AM

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