1. Toymaker's Avatar
    Peel seems like a cool concept and slick however as a remote it leaves a lot to be desired. I have a couple of TV's that don't switch inputs the way Peel assumes all TV's must switch and so it gets out of sync with my components. I guess I'm just looking for a remote that gives me buttons on the screen that I can use like NoviiRemote did for the old PalmOS.NoviiRemote - Turn Your Mobile Device into a Universal Remote Control
    Any recommendations?
    12-07-2012 12:06 AM
  2. extraclass's Avatar
    I had a Palm TX at least 15 Years ago that had TV remote capabilities. It had an extra bright infrared led to use for such as a TV remote. The range was about 20 ft. There was an app out that would let you program it to copy any remote and a large library of pre-programmed TX setup codes. If you were out in a bar or restaurant you could find the name on the TV and program the Palm for that brand. Then you could change the channel or change the volume without anyone knowing who did it! You could also transmit data or apps to another Palm. Maybe this is something we will get an app for or maybe this will become a standard thing on all tablets.
    12-09-2012 10:29 PM

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