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    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7in (was on sale for $179 )!

    I love it! Android is way better than iPhone! In my opinion, iPhone/iPad is just a "fashion statement", like your not cool unless you have an iPhone. Well, statistically Android is much broader, diverse, and in many ways better! I love how theres TONS of different phones running Android... iPhone users only have their pick of 1 phone, exactly like everyone elses lol. Anyways /RANT

    My only problem with the Galaxy Tab 2 is the camera's software. I mean, it isn't the best camera but does the job if you need it. I still vote that it is best to have a real digital camera, as you will get way better quality.. But in the event I need to snap a pic with my tablet (ie: my 1yr old is doing something cute, I will miss it if I have to run and get the camera out lol) I need it reliable.

    The issue is I keep snapping blurry pictures. Is there a better app to use instead of the stock camera app the Galaxy Tab 2 comes with?
    12-26-2012 08:37 PM

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