1. 06klr650's Avatar
    finally got around to trying the gps and i am totally baffled. the first thing it tells me is establish wifi connection. well if i am driving, walking, whatever, i think it will be very difficult to maintain a wifi connection. it will follow my location on maps, so what is up with the actuall gps?
    01-02-2013 03:00 PM
  2. A-android-B's Avatar
    It needs a data connection to actually get the map of where your at, lucky for us google updated maps with offline caches, so you can save the map of where your going to be while you do have a connection, and then have the map available offline while your out and about.

    tea candles are the duct tape of candles
    01-02-2013 03:44 PM
  3. Tel864's Avatar
    I use Navigon and it works great without a data connection. You do download the states you need, but after that the active GPS works fine.
    01-02-2013 05:57 PM
  4. extraclass's Avatar
    I use an app GPS TEST that verifies the GPS is working and how good the signals are in your location! There is a map App COPILOT that uses internal maps and does not need a WIFI connection!
    01-02-2013 11:25 PM
  5. 06klr650's Avatar
    good explanation and 3 good ideas. i will experiment and see which i like best. thanks very much. that is why these forums are such a good source of info.
    01-03-2013 09:07 AM

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