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    Got my Tab 2 7" Sunday... GT-P3113/Android 4.0.4. Pretty good with Windows but only 3 days with Android... so have some ultra-newbie questions... hopefully, this is the right place to ask (probably stupid) things... first issues are using INTERNET:

    1. How does one REMOVE items from MOST VISITED?? GOOGLE'g said to go to SETTINGS & LABS and UNcheck "Most Visited"... I only get TWO choices... QUICK CONTROLS and GOOGLE INSTANT?!! Press & hold gives me OPEN, OPEN IN NEW WINDOW, SAVE LINK and COPY LINK URL.

    2. Clicking on the little flag... sends me to BOOKMARKS/HISTORY/SAVED PAGES. Somehow or other... I created (I guess they're) BOOKMARKS... under LOCAL. How do I delete these guys? Press & hold just backlights the names and nothing else.

    Thanks in advance... and if this is wrong place to ask such questions... please direct me to correct place!!!!
    01-22-2013 09:26 PM
  2. nancyt22's Avatar
    Hi..I will try and give this a shot..I got my tab in sept and have since updated to 4.1 jb..those most visited sites are lso listed under your bookmarks..prob more toward the bottom. Just like the pre installed apps there are a few pre installed bookmarks. Open the stock browser..upper rt you will see the bookmark icon you call a flag..open that and you will see the bookmarks and visited sites below. Top upper rt of screen r 4 icons.. press the pencil and a box will show to the left of ea bookmark & visited site. Check ea box u want to delete. If u want to clear the browserhistory...when u are on the bookmark tab notice there I a history tab..click that, click tab to the rt and clear history...you will also ser a settings button ..this is takes you to the privacy/security tab where you clear the history cache etc.
    I use app cache cleaner and history cleaner from the play store...it is faster hpe this goes through...nt
    Hope u enjoy your tab...I do mine..nt
    01-23-2013 01:47 AM
  3. SteveK50's Avatar
    Hi Nancy...

    Thanks for your help... great start.

    Mine didn't show a PENCIL... across top says BOOKMARKS - HISTORY - SAVED PAGES - and a "triple-line/arrow" icon. Instead of PENCIL; I clicked the "triple..." and it ONLY said my choices were LIST/GRID VIEW, ADD BOOKMARK, EDIT BOOKMARKS, SETTINGS. The EDIT BOOKMARK let me erase SOME bookmarks... but NO MENTION of "Most Visited"... nor the "local" bookmark "groups" that I created somehow??

    I fix Windows systems and started (tracking appts/customers) with a Palm Pilot, currently an iPaq (pocket PC) and wanted to move to a tablet... both to keep my customer tracking but also to be able to work with tablet-customers also. So I'm sure I AM going to like this guy... wrestled with 10"-vs-7" but portability won out. FIRST plateau was getting TAB to sync with Outlook... fortunately that was fairly quick and painless!?!

    Then I ran into these "Internet" issues... I want my "Most Visited" to be sites "I DECLARE" and not what Samsung wants nor what I happen to SIMPLY VISIT because I'm bored or whatever. MY main sites are mainly PC vendor, virus detection, etc... NOT interested in AOL, Ebay, etc AS FIRST screen-full.

    Probably not interested in my blithering... so, again, thanks for your help so far!!
    01-23-2013 11:12 AM
  4. extraclass's Avatar
    Two of the things I look for in a browser is how easy it is to deal with bookmarks and privacy. We all end up places on the internet we might not want the spouse and grandkids to see. I get email from friends that sometime have a link to s questionable place. You need to be able to enter bookmark information easy and be able to edit the bookmarks or delete them and have a way to clear out the history file.
    Firefox Browser works well but has a RECENTLY VISITED feature that can not be edited or erased! When you go to your bookmarks that is the page that pops up on the screen. Totally unacceptable!
    I have settled on BOAT BROWSER. It seems to have the best features for me and lets me maintain my privacy.
    So many choices, So little time!
    01-23-2013 12:36 PM

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