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    My samsung galaxy tab 2 was working fine 2 days ago i had been listeningh to music and taking pictures eventually the charge ran out and it shut down like normal so i left it to charge over night thinking tomorrow it will be charged the next day came and i looked at my screen and it had the black screen and greenish yellowish charger saying it was fully charged however when i tried to turn on my device it would not turn on i kept trying and eventually i stuck a pin through the little hole next to where you put your earphones in and the device came on it loaded up and when i looked at the charge it said 0% charge i left it to charge but when i came back to it the screen had shut down and was back to the same screen where it said fully charged but then it wouldnt turn on so i got the pin and stuck it through the little hole and AGAIN it said 0% charge and switched off.

    10-28-2013 11:58 AM

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