1. Venustrap's Avatar
    Hello to all,
    Im a new member and need a little help rooting tab 3.
    It is a tab3 (4.4.2) SMT217S
    Kernel 11.5.14
    I hope that someone can direct me to some step by step directions
    I did jailbreak my iphone without problem, but something tells me this process
    Msy not be so simple. Thanks so much for any help i can get.
    Love AC by the way just got my new S6 edge three days ago, love android
    06-05-2015 10:22 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. What is the build date of the kernel?
    06-05-2015 10:42 PM
  3. Phyllis Chandler1's Avatar
    06-22-2015 01:43 PM
  4. Phyllis Chandler1's Avatar
    06-22-2015 01:46 PM
  5. Rocko's Avatar
    I just did this. [GUIDE] How to root a Sprint Samsung Galaxy … | Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 | XDA Forums

    You basically put Odin on your PC. Install Samsung USB drivers-should happen automatically with Windows 7, etc. Put SuperUser on a sd card and put that in your tablet. Once in Odin, you install TWRP recovery via the instructions. You then boot into the TWRP recovery and use that to install Super User. Once that is done you reboot and are rooted.
    11-02-2015 02:30 PM

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