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    (My cat NIBBLES was doing that lick her paw and then wipe it on her ear thing? Kind of like an inverted self-wet willie that cats do? Let me tell you, when she heard me SCREAM to the heavens with rage...she stopped, and looked up at me for a few beats..then went back to licking. So yeah! Frightened out of her cat mind!)

    I have been haunched over my computer combing this desert of wbat my granny calls the inner-webs..for what seems like weeks in google search years for a simple answer to a question. Unfortunately the internet is so bogged down with GARBAGE that im finding myself yelling out at my cat, disturbing her bath time.

    Hoping there is some sage like, understanding, gentle, Kenobi's in the his-ouse that can help my dumb assassinscreed out. Okay here we go ***SKIP ALL THAT TO THIS READERS

    How do i mirror my tablet's screen TO my Mac, with a solid WIRED connection USB and ROOTED if that helps!

    Macbook 13 inch Early 2009
    2 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo

    Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T113
    (Not that it matters for this question, but in case anyone is curious my tv is..


    Because no matter how you pharse your + words and - words ~ or wildcard *'s in google....all you get is trumpeting brags of WIRELESS and NO ROOT NEEDED! Its just over and over the same useless info on apps that wont work for my much needed cause. A lot of these sites say, "Sure there are tons of ways to mirror your screen if you own a ROOTED android but that wrong! *cluck cluck!* This software does it with NO ROOT and WIRELESSLY! Which means to me, it won't work, and even if it did there would be lag. I got this tablet for the sole purpose of my wife being able to play some emulated GBA games on the big screen. I saw this tablet on black friday and thought, this will be perfect! We have a Samsung TV, I'm sure it will be NO PROBLEM mirroring the screen. My wife can play the RPG's shes always pined for, but could not get past the small GBA screen. I get it all juiced up with her dream wish favorites even got the english translation patch working on earthbound 2! One of her favorites! Not only that I get the creme dela creme of rom hack games so she can replay some of her classic favs with some new pazazzle! In fact I downloaded every emulator I could get my mits on and then used IGN to determine what were the top RPGS for that system, got the roms, installed, tested, works like a champ! Got her this cool telescopic bluetooth game controller that makes this look like a wii-u now! Slam Dunk! Now all i have to do is figure out how to get this tablet on the screen. I mean i had done this with my iphone g3 back in the day with no problem, so i never DREAMED how hard I was heading for NIGHTMARE! I soon found out the facts of life about this model and just why its called the LITE. 3 different $40 cables later and learning all there is to know about things like MHL, 5 pin and 11 pin cables, all cast, allshare cast and SCREEN MIRRORING features that used to conveniently exist in the settings of all samsung tablets but this one. Oh shucky darn the butt luck! I WISH I had only done the emulators and games. I really pimped it to epic proportions, catered to her every taste in all nooks and crannies of this little beast. All along with the thought in mind, it'd be HDMI plug no problem-o. My last shining glimmer of hope is this, ive read on ancient scrolls that YOU CAN mirror to a pc with these models with a USB. I own an old 2009 macbook. But there are work arounds if Windows is the only solution. If there truely is a solution? Im poor so please dont say "Buy a different tablet you dumb Hatz!" This tablet was afforded by doing what poor people with kids do on the holidays, get up early and freeze yer keister off in line with other poor souls at your local department store. Next you are punching some fat lady on a Rascal Scooter in the face, so your daughter can have her Nintendo Mini!

    Oh dear, ive crossed a line.

    I need help
    01-05-2017 09:38 PM

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