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    I purchased a Galaxy Tab-3 Yesterday and moved all of my Apps and Data from my Galaxy Tab-2. I had a plan and it worked out very well!

    Install MY BACKUP PRO on the Tab-2 and backup all Apps and then backup all Data to the SD Card If your SD Card is too full you can use a different SD Card!

    Turn on your Galaxy Tab-3 after moving the SD Card to the new Tablet! Find the PLAY STORE in the apps list on the Tab-3 and install MY BACKUP PRO on the Tab-3. Of course you will have to sign into your WIFI and PLAY STORE accounts.

    Run MY BACKUP PRO and go to MY BACKUPS and Select Apps and Media. Let the program restore the apps. Go back and select DATA and let the program restore your data. RESTART the Tab-3 by holding down the power button for several seconds!

    When my new Tab-3 restarted it looked almost exactly like my Tab-2 With all of the Apps and most of the Data ready to go!

    07-13-2013 06:13 PM

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