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    Hey folks,

    I have had my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for about a month now, and a week after I got it I experienced the "connected to wifi with no internet" issue I see has been posted here several times, and had to do a full reset to get it to connect properly again (if you are not familiar with it, phone says it's connected, but apps say "no internet"). Today, I had the same issue once again. I have plenty of experience troubleshooting tech, and am certain it has nothing to do with my wifi connection or router as nothing's changed since yesterday, and our two computers and three phones can all connect with no issues. It also doesn't seem to be hardware since a full reset always fixes the issue... but honestly, it's extremely frustrating having to wipe the phone every few weeks just to keep it functional! And yes, I tried resetting everything, forgetting the network, adjusting security settings, making sure bluetooth is off, everything short of throwing the thing out the window, before deleting all my data and downloads.

    Considering the only 'resolved' case of this I've seen so far has involved sending the phone back to the company, I am starting to think this issue might be a major fault on the phone's development, or perhaps an issue with an update. Any insight here? Has anyone actually solved this particular issue on a Tab 3 without a wipe?

    Thanks for your precious time!
    11-01-2013 08:37 AM
  2. nealbrooks's Avatar
    Instead of using dhcp to set the ip address use a static ip of the same ip address dhcp assigns.
    This helped me to connect.
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    11-09-2013 08:32 AM

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