1. JAPelser's Avatar
    Good day,
    I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5110, should I or is it worth upgrading to the Galaxy tab 3. Or can I update my tab to Android 4.2.2 and enjoy it like that. I know there are some hardware modifications on the Tab 3 like the IR, but I have the S4 that already has that.
    What do you propose I upgrade or update?.

    Thank you in advance!!!!
    12-03-2013 04:45 PM
  2. bluzman's Avatar
    JMO but if it was me I'd spend the extra $70 to get a Galaxy Note 10.1 (Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, Deep Grey): Electronics) instead of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1-Inch, Gold-Brown): Computers & Accessories).
    12-04-2013 02:08 PM
  3. JAPelser's Avatar
    Wow ok the Tab 3 is actually cheaper than the Tab 2, I thought it would be the other way round. Wonder why is that?
    12-04-2013 02:27 PM
  4. shanghaichica's Avatar
    I agree with the above poster. I also have the tab 2 10.1 and I don't think that the tab 3 is worth the upgrade. The note 10.1 is a better option.

    Posted via my Galaxy s4
    12-07-2013 04:58 AM

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