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09-05-2016 03:42 AM
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  1. TT74's Avatar
    Before I attempt this, is there a breach of warranty by opening up the back and disconnecting the battery? Disappointing that this issue has not been resolved yet as it appears to be very common.
    07-07-2014 12:06 AM
  2. Aaron_S42's Avatar
    I had this strange experience when I took my unit back to Best Buy over the weekend. (I didn't want to open it up since I was worried about breaking my warranty).

    They plugged it in and it began charging right away. I tried multiple chargers and cables and could not get it to work. While it was charging, I went to the Samsung area of the store where the guy handed me two different USB cables which he said would work. I went back to the Geek Squad and we tried them using their charger. The first one did not work even though you could see juice was going through the cable (it had some type of illumination feature on the cable). The second cable worked, so I figured part of MY problem was that the cable wasn't seating in the unit properly.

    I took the cable home and tried to charge my unit further. The first charger I used did not charge my Tab 3, though it was working properly and charged other devices. The second charger I used with this cable was able to charge the Tab 3.

    Not sure what is happening, but it looks like for now I have to use a specific charger/cable combination when charging my Tab 3. It seems to be very temperamental. When this fails, I will either give up or try fooling around with the battery connection - warranty be damned.
    07-08-2014 02:16 AM
  3. sparkledancer7's Avatar
    I tried charging my tablet with my charger except it would only charge in one certain place. When I finally got a new charger but after a few weeks it stopped working so I borrowed my friends charger and tried it out and it worked.
    07-10-2014 05:01 PM
  4. kbot1226's Avatar
    Sorry for the lack of technical terms, but here is what I found with my kids' tab 3 7.0. The USB port on the tablet is easily damaged and the pin can be bent to the point that when you plug a cable in, it feels secure, but the pin is bent and won't allow the device to charge. What I have to do occasionally is use a plastic tool to gently bend it back. Also inserting the cable at a slight angle with the bottom first seems to help prevent the problem.

    Posted via Android Central App
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy Tab 3 - Won't Charge-2014-07-14-10.05.10.jpg  
    07-14-2014 10:05 AM
  5. Cogozeh's Avatar
    one night i hooked my tablet to my charger on 30% in the morning it was on 12%. I deleted some apps it didn't work and it finally went 0% and blank anybody help please?
    07-16-2014 09:11 PM
  6. pvirc's Avatar
    Mine tab 3 8" 6 is months old. And basically this has happened twice. My son will play with it till it dies. Now I find I can only use the exact same plug and able that came with it in the box. I can't even use the the plug and able from my Wife s tab 3 7" i also have a new s5 that plug won't work with the tabs cable. And my wife's new s4 cable and plug won't work either ( I used this plugged in for two days and nothing but a black screen).

    10 mins with the original cable and plug I had forgotten at work at its charging.

    I guess for speed my next bet is to open it up and do the battery trick.
    07-17-2014 07:17 AM
  7. techman300's Avatar
    1: Have tablet and the 2.1 amp charger with you.
    2: Do not connect the charger to the device or wall socket.
    3: Without charger, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds.
    4. Just in case, if device starts to turn on, release power button. It normally won't on this step.
    5. Then connect the charger to the tablet first and then into a working wall socket. No power-stripe, or extension cords. Wall Socket only.
    6: Don't press any buttons on the tablet. Within 60 seconds the battery indicator light should come on.
    7: If you see the battery charging indicator light, leave tablet connected for at least 3 minutes before trying to boot the tablet on.
    8: Now after 3 minutes of charging, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds or until device starts to boot on.
    9: Normally it takes about 15 seconds holding the power button but it could take up to 60 but not likely.
    10: As soon as the device starts turning on release the power button immediately. Device should boot into Android OS.
    11: If you notice that your Tablet is still not keeping a charge or starts turning itself off, a factory reset should been done.
    12: Remember to make sure you sync your accounts and backup data if you choose too.
    13: Then Go to settings and backup and reset and Make Sure you uncheck the Automatic Restore Box.
    14: If the issue that is causing the power issues is within an app then you will just restore that issue back on to your device.
    15: Then tap factory reset, reset device and ok to delete all data.

    This should help you out tremendously.
    iain Dziadek likes this.
    07-26-2014 12:24 AM
  8. iain Dziadek's Avatar
    I tried those steps 1 to 6 and it suddenly started charging.
    how very odd, i thought it was the socket and tried 3 different chargers which i knew all worked.
    thanks to techman300 Much respect and thanks

    1: Have tablet and the 2.1 amp charger with you.
    2: Do not connect the charger to the device or wall socket.
    3: Without charger, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds.
    4. Just in case, if device starts to turn on, release power button. It normally won't on this step.
    5. Then connect the charger to the tablet first and then into a working wall socket. No power-stripe, or extension cords. Wall Socket only.
    6: Don't press any buttons on the tablet. Within 60 seconds the battery indicator light should come on.
    08-01-2014 08:37 PM
  9. XalmasyX's Avatar
    May seem like stupid question but where can I get plastic pry tool like one in video?

    Anyone using a metal knife should be warned against using metal tools around electronics.

    08-06-2014 05:27 PM
  10. Galane's Avatar
    My tri band Tab 3 is on its second battery. I got it secondhand, most likely because of its charging problems. Initially it wouldn't charge off anything but my desktop's USB port, and only very slowly. So I bought a genuine Samsung charger for it, which worked faster.

    But the level would drop fast, even when turned off. The day after I got the charger and fully charged it, then turned it off, it was totally dead and would do nothing, wouldn't even show the battery icon with the 0.

    So I tried disconnecting the battery. (It worked for a while on my old Palm Tungsten E2 until the battery was completely kaput.) That didn't change a thing.

    So I bought a new battery. It would charge but still drained quickly in use and the charger would only slow the discharge speed, only charging with the screen off when the tablet was turned on. It would also charge with the tablet turned off. With it off and unplugged it would still discharge pretty quick.

    Last weekend I went to a convention and left the Tab 3 home, turned off and unplugged after fully charging it and leaving it plugged in a couple of days. I came home to a totally dead tablet that will not charge and none of the tricks to revive it will work, not even disconnecting the battery.

    It seems there are a number of these Galaxy Tab 3 that are just flat out defective and destroy batteries because they constantly draw a lot of power even when they are supposedly turned "off".

    Samsung should just recall the lot of them and replace the defectives with ones that have this problem fixed - even if they're not under warranty or owned by the original purchaser. Such a defect is a big knock against Samsung!

    I have a cheap Trio 7C Stealth Pro tablet I've left sit around for over a month without plugging it in and its battery holds a charge. Crazy thing will turn itself on about once a week, when it's on it has a little blue LED that's constantly on. Even if its battery does drain completely it will still charge, after blinking a red battery icon for a while it will start charging.
    08-07-2014 03:57 AM
  11. ColbyJvonBrown's Avatar
    I guess I got lucky with mine. Ive completely draind the battery till the screen wouldnt turn on left it alone dead for 2 hours and it still charges!! But it heats up when I play a game and shuts off and it doesn't seem to calculate battery precentage right. And I only had it for 1 month and its a refurbished unit, so im going to request service for it before my warranty runs out because it comes with a 3 month warranty which expires October 8 so I have about another month before I request service. They really need to fix these issues though!!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-07-2014 01:20 PM
  12. JezC's Avatar
    This is infuriating. I too have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 10 inch. I let the charge drop below 10%. And now I can't recharge the device. The behaviour is bizarre. I have many micro-USB cables, and many charging options. Using only cables that have shown, on any device, to present any power to the Tab 3, here's a sample of the results:

    • iPod 5W USB Charger: Nothing
    • Apple 10W (iPad 2) USB Charger: Nothing
    • Apple 12W (iPad 3) USB Charger: Nothing
    • Apple iMac: starts charging, but the iMac can't sustain the current
    • Apple Mac Mini: starts charging, but can't sustain the current

    Who wrote the battery management software and tested it? This is badly written, badly tested code. I'm seriously annoyed. The idea that one has to monitor the battery usage and avoid discharging below a certain point? What other device do you have to do this on? I can't think of a single rechargeable device that I have to do that on.

    I and my family have, at last count, 15 intelligent USB rechargeable devices (including iPhones and iPads, 4G dongles, smart bicycle headlight, ancient Tom Tom GPS, bluetooth mice, bluetooth headsets, etc), and seven laptops of various types. Not a single one of these other devices has a problem with being completely discharged and recharging from a point at which they refuse to switch on. Not one other device has this problem. Not one. Except for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

    I'm not at all happy. This is bad product management, and an unacceptable design flaw for a modern product.

    I tried all the helpful advice here except for the parts involving disassembly and reassembly: my device is well within warranty and I want no dispute about me having opened it and interfered with it. I shall be taking it back, and asking for a full refund. I'm not going to become an external battery monitor for a defective design. I don't usually get this annoyed over product failures. I understand that some things might not work. I usually just shrug and move on. But this is a known problem, where the manufacturer has chosen to issue frequent updates for the applications they force on you (Samsung Play type stuff), instead of fixing a basic battery management design flaw. That's just very bad product management, IMO, and a betrayal of the brand promise. I might as well buy unbranded products, if a brand ships defective equipment that it refuses to address, under its' name. Vexing. Timewasting.

    Thank you all for your generous help on this forum. I deeply appreciate the attempts to help.
    08-08-2014 05:46 PM
  13. Galane's Avatar
    The place I got the replacement battery from is going to send another one just for postage cost. I guess I'll just have to leave the #^^@#^ thing plugged in all the time, or wipe it and pawn it off onto someone else.
    08-09-2014 04:16 AM
  14. regina_crenshaw's Avatar
    it didnt work any other things i can try ?
    08-15-2014 03:57 PM
  15. Pedro Amaral's Avatar
    My problem was different, but your solution also worked:
    - when tablet was off, it would charge, and show the battery coming green all the way to the top
    - but then when turning it on, it would immediately read 1% of battery left, and dim the monitor
    - Clearly, there was charge in the battery as I could use it for over 1 hour, with the 1% warning always there.
    - So I followed your trick (quite difficult to disconnect the connector with the 5 wires. very afraid of breaking it).
    - And it worked.

    08-25-2014 03:55 AM
  16. GALAXYTABUSER3's Avatar
    My galaxy tab 3 couldnt charge, it just renders the charger unusable, and it currently at 1%!. what happened
    Chargers i used
    Kindle: Worked, but now, nuthin
    A charger(cant figure out what it is for) Nothing
    Original: Nothing!
    09-05-2014 08:20 PM
  17. GALAXYTABUSER3's Avatar
    My galaxy tab 3 couldnt charge, it just renders the charger unusable, and it currently at 1%!. what happened
    If you wondering, i spilled some milk on it
    09-05-2014 08:22 PM
  18. Natalie Arceo's Avatar
    I tried this....six times now. Pain in the neck in the fingers to get the back off but once I did, I disconnected the battery wire and reconnected. I get the same screen. Battery icon with spinning signal. Then black screen. I have reset it (held down power button for 30 seconds, disconnect, reconnect) and still nothing. I have a Tab 3 8 inch. Can you shed some light on what else it could be? I have had it for about 9 months - this is the first time it has done this. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    09-15-2014 09:53 PM
  19. Galane's Avatar
    Time to replace the battery. Go for a genuine OEM one, not the cheap $15 ones. I assume that's why my Tab 3 will drop to 45% in a day when turned off and with the screen on and charger connected it still slowly loses charge.
    09-15-2014 10:12 PM
  20. x_jenna_x's Avatar
    i have broken this tiny pin , is there any other way to charge my tab
    09-17-2014 04:20 AM
  21. thomas cunningham1's Avatar
    I had the same problem with a newly purchased tab 3 and filled out claim and mailed it to the service center for repair. Came back three weeks later with paper showing software replacement. Now the unit seems to be working very well and seems faster too. Am now happy despite long wait.
    Hi, I'm having same problem, I bought it from Argos last December but can't find my receipt. Any suggestions?
    10-02-2014 02:48 PM
  22. Kimo Dola's Avatar
    thomas cunningham1 likes this.
    10-17-2014 06:51 AM
  23. Angie KMAT's Avatar
    Hi i am looking for fellow friend on here to help with my question please ....xmostwanted559x ....,i also have no idea about working my way around this web page yet so please can you help me and bare with me cheers
    10-30-2014 03:22 PM
  24. Sherri Graven's Avatar
    This fixed my grandson's Tab. Thank you! Thank you!
    12-08-2014 05:26 PM
  25. kargarmos's Avatar
    Ok my galaxy Tab3 just quit charging too. We tried disconnecting the battery several times, no luck. We ordered a new battery in hopes that would solve the problem, nope. I tried the other techniques. Just seems I have dead tablet. Any advice
    12-29-2014 11:21 PM
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