1. Alan Fletcher1's Avatar
    Hello I downloaded and bought some in game items in a game on my android phone.

    Lately I downloaded the same game for my tablet.

    Both use the same google play account, however when i turned the game on on the tablet
    I had none of the in game purchases I made on the phone in the tablet.

    I was just wondering was it possible to keep the purchases between the two devices so as to not
    have to buy them again.

    The game is ffatb
    The phone is sony xperia t
    The tablet is galaxy tab 3

    Thanking You
    Alan Fletcher
    12-26-2013 05:39 PM
  2. zkSharks's Avatar
    Hey Alan, sorry to see this went unanswered for so long. Standard in-app purchases are linked to the Google account used in the Play Store. Some types of purchases, for example virtual currency or resources, are sometimes implemented in a manner that might not transfer between accounts. Any linked data should've populated the tablet within a few minutes, or if not, after a reboot. Beyond that and reinstalling the apps on the tablet, I can't offer much more advice.
    01-19-2014 04:32 PM

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